marus's score history for Touhou Makuka Sai ~ Fantastic Danmaku Festival Part II - Extra
東方幕華祭春雪篇~ Fantastic Danmaku Festival Part II
Touhou Makuka Sai ~ Fantastic Danmaku Festival Part II
- Extra -
Player history for MPO

PCReimuClear9,357,389,260 [vid] [rpy]Another PB! I had a really good stage but some dumb deaths on the Yukari fight. I'm still shooting for 10 billion.2023-09-19
PCReimuClear9,264,843,380 [vid] [rpy]Got a slight PB. I more or less pulled off all my new routes, but I died twice on Outer God lol. A good run should net me 10 billion at least though!2023-09-13
PCReimuClear9,197,675,880 [vid] [rpy]Ugh, this was almost a no-miss run, but I choked at the very end! Had I not choked this would have been a low 9.4 billion score - at least I know I can hit my goal now!2023-07-09
PCReimuClear9,006,315,800 [vid] [rpy]I barely broke 9 billion! This run still had a missed border and a failed spellcard - I want to shoot for 9.3 billion next!2023-07-03
PCReimuClear1 [vid] [rpy]I ran into a weird bug that caused the bullets to despawn during Yukari's 4th non-spell. Despite the bullets not spawning I could still graze them. If this can be replicated then it would be useful for scoring! Unfortunately the replay desyncs.2023-07-03
PCReimuClear8,906,114,690 [vid] [rpy]OMG, this was so close to 9 billion! I'm still happy to PB though. This run had a lot of mistakes, which means there's still plenty of potential to push my score higher!2023-06-30
PCReimuClear8,398,421,320 [vid] [rpy]Woo, I got 8 billion, and I beat LYX's score! I think this is WR? I messed up a border during the stage which cost me some MaxPoint and one life off the end bonus. I still want to go for a NNN run with these routes - 8.5 billion should be possible!2023-05-20
PCReimuClear7,816,372,700 [rpy]Blah, this was almost 8 billion, but I died on the 2nd to last spellcard. I'm getting a lot more runs to Yukari though so it's only a matter of time before I get a run with no hits.2023-05-19
PCReimuClear7,583,102,340 [rpy]I managed to get 2 billion on the stage portion here! This was almost an 8 billion run, except I choked on the last two spellcards. At this point I can beat LYX, if I can just execute a hitless run.2023-05-18
PCReimuClear7,214,131,290 [rpy]Woo, I got 7 billion! I wish this game has a proper practice mode. I've gotten the stage portion more or less down but I'm still having problems grazing optimally on Yukari's non-spells.2023-05-11
PCReimuClear6,764,220,830 [rpy]Got a new PB while practicing some new routes. 7 billion should be easy once I get a run without any hits.2023-05-11
PCReimuClear6,138,517,000 [vid] [rpy]Steam ver. I finally got the NMBN run! I could push a higher score by graze milking some of the boss patterns but I'm pretty happy with this score for now. 2023-02-05
PCReimuClear5,889,129,570 [rpy]Steam ver. I'm going for the NMNB achievement. I'm making it harder on myself by also trying to score on the stage, but I was getting tired of just playing the stage normally. This is my best attempt so far (with only one miss on a non-spell).2023-02-05