cstarflare's score history for Battle Garegga - Arcade
Battle Garegga
- Arcade -
Player history for CSF

PlatformShipStageShot TypeScoreCommentEntered
MAMEGain5A7,458,380 [pic]Inching forward.2015-01-31
MAMEGain4ABC4,798,080 [pic]First-credit score for shmups tournament thing.2013-11-17
MAMEGain6ABC7,294,120 [pic]So I guess I can no miss the turret wall?2013-10-26
MAMEGain6ABC6,914,940 [pic]Stupid death. 7 mil is right around the corner.2013-10-26
MAMEGain5A6,372,420 [pic]Got to Black Heart. It made me so happy.2012-11-12
MAMEGain5A5,455,070 [pic]Still breaking my chain in stage 4, but enjoying steady progress nonetheless.2012-11-12
MAMEGain5A4,845,880 [pic]Broke my chain in the middle of stage 4... should have been 5 mil, easily.2012-11-12