Klatrymadon's score history for R-Type - Arcade
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Player history for YOG

MAMER-9a ArrowheadALL1,071,800 [pic] [vid]Finally!2018-10-04 
PSR-9a Arrowhead15911,500 [pic]Still a WIP.2018-09-29 
MAMER-9a Arrowhead14844,600 [pic] [rpy]Still trying for the 2-ALL. Nearly there! (MAMEUI64 0.177)2018-09-26 
MAMER-9a Arrowhead14697,600 [pic] [rpy]This run was so disappointing, because the most unpredictable part (the 2-5 boss) went really well, and I just crashed into a wall about ten seconds into 2-6. (MAMEUI64 0.177)2018-09-19 
PSR-9a Arrowhead12670,900 [pic]I've scored slightly higher (723,700) on the X360 Dimensions version, but it's nice to have cleared something closer to the PCB.2018-08-26