Zaarock's score history for Astebreed - Hard
- Hard -
Player history for ZAA

PCXbreedALL43,746,634 [pic] [vid]41,400 total damage. Pretty nice score but still many mistakes and multiplier drops. 2014-06-02
PCXbreedALL39,646,655 [pic]2nd place on leaderboard. Many mistakes and I almost died on st5 boss.2014-06-02
PCAstebreedALL39,828,915 [pic]46,100 total damage. Messed up st3, otherwise p. good. 11.6mil on st5!2014-05-31
PCXbreedALL31,856,947 [pic]stages 4 and 5 went really badly, ok scores on others2014-05-30
PCXbreedALL28,151,403 [vid]finished with 5hp, true kusoplay2014-05-28