EmperorIng's score history for Giga Wing 2 - Arcade
Giga Wing 2
- Arcade -
Player history for ING

DCKingfisher RF618,442,069,667,802,930 [pic]New personal best with Kart. Still haven't conquered the st6 boss but my score is skyrocketing, now reaching the quintillions! My quest for the upper echelons of giga wingers (?) continues. Played on the US DC release.2020-05-31
DCKingfisher RF613,930,596,271,286,570 [pic]This run had a great stage 1, and despite silly deaths on st4 boss, got to the penultimate stage! With some practice and luck, I hope I can get to the final boss! Played on the US DC release.2020-05-26
DCKingfisher RF54,712,736,941,093,000 [pic]First time making it to stage 5! Starting to learn some good optimization for Kart's stage 1. Big gains to be had! Played on the US DC release.2020-04-01
DCKingfisher RF42,576,312,892,374,660 [pic]First time making it to st4 boss. Making good progress! Played on a US DC release.2020-03-28