Rezardi's score history for Mecha Ritz: Steel Rondo - Normal
Mecha Ritz: Steel Rondo
- Normal -
Player history for REZ

PlatformShipStageStarting RankScoreCommentEntered
PC11ALL-V5007,913,530 [vid]Total rank: 2292 / B-Route (True)2020-12-27
PC11ALL-V3007,792,550 [rpy]Total rank: 1279 There's room for improvement. Going for 450-500 starting rank next.2020-12-26
PC03ALL-V307,489,490 [rpy]All B route run. I don't even know how to unlock extra ships past 7, so i just stick with #3. It's pretty good, and the rest seems bad compared to it. Not enough damage otherwise.2020-12-22
PC03ALL-V304,179,130 [rpy] 2020-12-21