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Silver Hawk
Player Platform StageScore Comments Played Date
leona_a_witchPS4ALL32,331,230 [vid] unknown
T3-TBCArcadeALL31,337,130 [vid]From the VHS "Gigantic Impact"unknown
ErppoPS4ALL28,954,940 [vid]ACGMUunknown
zoydoPCALL20,822,220 [vid]Steam2022-05-13
PrinnyPCALL20,793,100 [pic] [vid]Steam. ADGMU. First no death run.unknown
KlatrymadonPCALL20,166,630 [vid]Oldish run. First clear of G-Darius HD on PC.2022-09-04
zoydoPCALL19,746,530 [vid]steam version2022-04-08
zoydoPS4ALL19,540,530 [vid] 2022-03-29
zoydoPS4ALL19,270,320 [pic] [vid] 2022-03-19
zoydoSwitchALL18,777,980 [pic] [vid]no miss2021-02-28
zoydoSwitchALL17,753,240 [pic] [vid]G.Darius HD (Switch), no miss2021-02-25
Ars9ArcadeALL17,622,130 [vid] 2019-07-06
PearlPCALL16,055,740 [vid] unknown
ghoulsAreFreeSwitchALL15,838,040 [vid]Missile only, no upgrade to laser/wave2022-06-09
HarmonicaSwitchALL14,177,910 [vid] 2021-07-18
GolemSwitchALL13,343,780 [vid] 2021-07-18

Strategy Videos
Player Platform Stage ShipScore Comments Played Date
Alex RushdySwitchALLSilver Hawk20,763,360 [vid]G-Darius HD Beginner's guide - 20+million Lambda route nomiss w/commentary!unknown